Pecos River Partners

Pecos River Partners


Pecos River Partners, LLC, is an infrastructure solutions company focused on alleviating the difficult supply chain and services bottlenecks impacting oil and gas production in the Permian and Delaware basins. Formed by Robert Peterson and Fieldstone Partners, PRP works to develop partnerships with and among major producers to address critical issues involving power, water, materials, and logistics to mitigate logjams, accelerate solutions, and lower costs.


After nearly 40 years in oil and gas, including 22 years with Mobil and ExxonMobil, Bob Peterson knew firsthand the enormous challenges companies face navigating the hurdles presented by a lack of infrastructure. In 2017, he initiated a pioneering study of the Permian Basin, working with 10 of the largest producers in the region. The results of that landmark study drove him to partner with Fieldstone to form PRP – combining his consulting background with Fieldstone’s deep experience in project finance – to help implement urgently needed infrastructure. In aggregating data for the study, Bob and the Fieldstone team went on to map out the critical needs for producers over the next five years, as well as explore partnerships with equipment and logistics providers to provide customized and competitively priced solutions.


As pressures mount for producers to maximize investments in a world rife with increasingly uncertain returns, data and insight are key. Pecos River Partners is leading the way with the development of novel solutions (including joint ventures, lease/purchase options, etc.) to overcome infrastructure issues, while lowering costs. Today, PRP quickly analyzes, quantifies, and addresses critical hurdles for specific producers, with a focus on practical, timely and actionable solutions. PRP also offers the ability to help producers (and/or multiple producers) spur development of water and power projects (providing economic credit for long-term supply or off take agreements) that can drive production efficiencies for years to come – and beyond.