Our goals aren’t just aligned with our clients. They’re identical.

Classic investment banking tends to be fee driven.

All too often the incentive for the firm is to secure the capital, close the deal, and collect the success fee. In-out-done. Which, while generating some value for the participants, may not always align with the long-term interests of the client/partner.

That’s not us. Fieldstone is – and has from the beginning remained – relationship-driven.

The transactions clients entrust us to manage are some of the greatest wealth creation opportunities they will experience in their lifetimes. So, we invest the time to fully understand their situations – not just financially, but personally. Their goals become our goals. And everything moving forward is aligned to maximize their long-term interests.

From initial discussions, through rigorous upfront analysis, investor outreach, development, negotiation, and closing – we operate as an extension of the owner/management teams we serve. Every solution is customized, and every outcome is aligned with previously established goals and expectations.

We remain objective throughout the process. We make sure that both our clients and investors are aligned for long-term success. And when a transaction is complete, we don’t disappear. As the company moves through the next phase of its lifecycle, as its business grows, and its capital needs evolve – our relationship continues.

We’re proud that some of ours have spanned more than 30 years. And counting.