It goes back to before Fieldstone was even a company.

Beginning his career in investment banking with Rotan Mosle, Fieldstone founder and president Steve Cook became one of the nation’s go-to experts in complex project finance, from drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to nationwide power generation. By the time he launched his company in 1990, he was already sought after by companies looking to maximize their potential beyond traditional capitalization and growth strategies.

Steve founded his company on three core principles that remain today: 1) a passion for entrepreneurs and their enterprises, 2) an unyielding drive to unlock creative solutions that grow businesses, reward employees, and enrich lives, and 3) an uncompromising commitment to the best interests of the client.

Surrounding himself with uniquely talented individuals who shared his commitment to excellence, Fieldstone Partners quickly emerged as an unusually innovative financial advisory firm. Over the years, it grew to provide financial and strategic solutions to both emerging and established companies in a wide array of industries. And went on to pioneer a unique “merge and build” platform strategy that is recalibrating the way companies look to achieve scale.

Since its founding, Fieldstone has helped launch, lead, finance, invest, operate, and participate in over 250 successful transactions aggregating over $7 billion in value. Many of Fieldstone’s clients now rank among the national and worldwide leaders in their industries. Even more gratifying – many of the client relationships forged nearly 30 years ago, remain today.