BTU Research

BTU Research


Established in 2009, BTU is an early stage technology R&D company that develops, designs, patents, and manufactures electronic products that improve wireless network operating consistency. As network infrastructure is dependent on “edge devices” from security cameras and sensors to radios and routers – BTU’s leading-edge products are designed to provide uninterruptible power to those devices, ensuring they are never taken offline – regardless of power or signal availability – even under the harshest of conditions.


Fieldstone’s relationship with BTU goes back several years, as the firm provided modeling and growth projections, helped devise a strategic growth plan, assisted with capital raisings, and worked to structure the terms of capital raises in a manner to minimize dilution of the founders’ equity position. Fieldstone has helped secure over $4 million in funding and helped finalize a manufacturing agreement with Arrow Electronics, one of the world’s largest electronic components providers. Fieldstone has also introduced S4S in Boston, a leading patent strategy firm, focused on large combinatorial patent strategies. Steve Cook serves as a member of the BTU Board.


Propelled by the infusion of capital, and guided by a well-orchestrated strategic plan, BTU has developed a series of patented products that make them a leader in their markets. In 2017, BTU Research was awarded the Best in Security Award by the American Society for Industrial Security. The introduction of the company’s UPS SolidSwitch has added a dramatic new dimension to network infrastructure, creating the most versatile, efficient, and reliable outdoor PoE (power over ethernet) switch in the industry. BTU’s patented technology provides “always on” technology in critical applications, for smart cities, smart highways, first responders, 5G telecommunications, schools and other important markets.