We are attracted to companies that can make a difference. And vice versa.

Fieldstone accepts only a limited number of projects. Whether it be as an advisor or principal, we focus all our efforts toward providing each client with the highest quality service. So, we’re highly selective.

We look for transformative companies to support, particularly where success may transform industries and communities.

Companies with strong business models. Experienced management teams. Skilled at driving operational excellence.

Companies ripe for organic growth. With unique value propositions. Led by dedicated owners and managers who seek to propel their organization to the next level.

Companies that value relationships over transactions. Long-term returns over short-term payouts. And whose ultimate value transcends the bottom line.

These are the companies for whom we can make a difference.

Most clients and partners fall between $10 million to $200 million in revenue – or have the potential to reach those levels. Most have EBITDA of $5 million and higher – or have the potential to achieve it. In some cases, we will support earlier stage companies and ideas.

And most, with the right capital, and the right strategic and financial plan moving forward, have the potential to reset the growth trajectory of their company. Scale their business. Multiply their success. Lead their industries. Reward their owners. Recognize their managers. Incentivize their employees. And make a difference in the lives of their community.

Some could end up changing the world.

Some already are.