Environmental Design

Environmental Design


Environmental Design (EDI) is the premier medium and large tree moving and transplanting company in the world. Having led the advancement of patented technology that transformed the industry, they have played a key role with some of the world’s most distinctive landscapes. EDI harvested, cultivated and transplanted all 416 large trees at the National 9/11 Memorial in NYC, thus creating one of the largest and most sustainable green plazas ever built. Likewise, the huge, iconic cypress tree that guards the famed 18th green at Pebble Beach. And the trees that framed the Sydney Olympics. Over the years, they’ve successfully relocated thousands of trees once thought not possible to move, preserving centuries of history.


More than a decade ago, Fieldstone helped secure a private equity recapitalization that enabled EDI’s ownership to recapitalize, mitigate risk, and provide additional growth capital for the company. Since then, EDI went on to buy out the private equity group and grow the company through a series of strategic acquisitions that helped them to become the world leader in their field.


The relationship between EDI and Fieldstone continues, as ownership looks to expand its geographical scope and range of business lines.